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This page is under construction. Right now it is a repository for discussion about Gastranoi.

Dear Max,

> > I have some new Ideas for my story 

All your ieas sound good to me.

> ( I thought
>> I would name him Armelio Ferenzi, but I cannot remember the race of
>> people that speak Italian).

The Endan's speak Italian. I just made a list, which I'll expand as we 
go. (Scroll Down)


>> (maybe near Gastrono, I'm not too sure about it's history
>> though) 

It's supposed the be a bit like Spain: horses and ships, from 17th
Century, past the peak of their greatness, now that the Weilandic Navy
is so strong, and wizards from the Vatzit University in southern
Weiland can protect Weilandic ships. But given that it is so far
north, it's not as hot as Spain, which is one reason why I have
hesitated to figure out what it would be like over there. So think
Spaniards transported to England or Ireland. Maybe they would not
siesta, maybe they would. You are in a perfect position to make it all
up, so go ahead and do so.

Yours, Kevan

Dear Kevan,

I think the people of Gastano would be a cross between Spanish accents
and English Customs.

They don't eat late like the Spanish do as the climate prevents that
(early nights, cold etc...). Also they don't Siesta as they don't need
to. The Spanish traditionally  (when farming was a main part of their
culture) took siestas because it was too hot to work from 3:00 to

I think the Gastronians would do what the English do (eat early, sleep
early). They would still have the Spanish sense of community and
friendliness, and they have a highly sexist background (women cook,
clean and give birth; men work and go to the bar with their friends),
but they would not let their toddlers run around until 10:00 on a
terrace bar, for example, because a) they wouldn't have a terrace bar
because of the weather, and b) because they would be going to bed at
9:00 (the parents- if they are farmers, if they work in an office it
would be later as it would with any culture, no doubt).

So think of them as friendly, relaxed, sexist English people- with
Spanish accents.

Also they would have Flamenco music in the Bars and sing flamenco on
holidays. As for religions the closest things to Catholism (or any
religion that has Saints) is what they believe in, and instead of
celebrating your birthday (which they do celabrate, but to the extent
that we celabrate fathers day) they celabrate your 'Saint Day' (or
'Santo'). Basically everyday has a name, (all of the names and their
days are written in most things, from specialised books to calendars)

For example the 26th of November is Saint Maximo (many of these Saints
are not famous, but they were saints none the less).+

Evrybody in Gastrano has a Saint day because most parents use the
'Libro de los Santos' (book of the Saints) as a guide to what to call
their child. The laziest and the people of lower classes call their
children the Saint name of their bithday.

For example, a woman's child was born on June 24th, the mother then
goes to the book or a calendar and looks up what Saint day it is. It
is Saint Elena's day, so she calls her daughter Elena.

Also many Gastronians have moved South to hotter climates and live in
small villages (not many have done this). One of these villages is
called Gudal Quivir (Guadal meaning river or water in Arab I believe,
as they were conquered by Arabs back on Earth in the 1100s or around
that time) and it is the 'big' village of Gastronians, whrere all the
Gastronians from the South gater on holidays and during important
meetings etc...

The Gastronians from Gastrano view the Gastronians from the South (or
Andolians, or 'Andoliantes' as said by them) as lesser, and even
stupid so they are not welcome in Gastrano. The Andolians have a
distinct accent when speaking Gastronian, as they miss out some of the
's' at the end of a word and sometimes don't even bother with saying
the end at all. This causes them to speak a mos appauling English,
which is sometimes incomprehensable, so they don't tend to communicate
with the Weilandic people much.

The Andolians live in villages dotted around the gulf between Weiland
and Tamaran.

The Gastronians are very good leather workers, the Andolians, however
are almost hopeless at this and have to buy their leather from the
Gastronians, but they usually trade horses for leather as they are one
of the best riders on Clarus and have extremely good horses.


Dear Kevan,

I will place Arras on my map (a little bit to the south of the villages) and I was thinking that there is a forest (near the coast, on some hills called 'Sierra Morena' or 'The Tanned Hills') there and the Andolians cut most of it down by 2425, so there can be a forrest in my adventures but it can be a complete desert in yours. I will put one mountain on the map that is 1,935 feet that the people nearby think is huge, and a certain threat/adventure lies there ( I have not decided what yet). 

I thought it would be good if the Calipanti and the Andolians ( the Gastronians in the south) could have some sort of a trading alliance. e,g. to get thier leather from Gastrano, the Andolians have to collect it from the port in Arras. Seeming as the Calipanti are neutral I thought this would work. 
I also have been working on a bit of a history for why some Gastronians have moved to the South and I will Email it to you today (if I am at my house during the siesta).

Also I was wandering who was the founder, or founders, of the Vatzit University, as I would like to deal with them if they are in Gripp, if not the I will make one up.

I hope you are all well, Max