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Here are Player Notes to accompany the games The Green Horn Tavern (starts October 2481) through to The Ursian-Endan War (ends November 2485). Each entry corresponds to one SAGA session, either a solitary evening or an entire weekend. We give the SAGA date at the beginning of the session, and the real-world date of the session itself. Kirk plays Quayam, Chris plays Thristen. Kevan the dramaturgist plays most other characters.

8th November 2485

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan, 97 Will Scarlet Drive, Becket, MA, 10-AUG-12.
  2. TOHA Unusual Roll: Roll 1d10 each month, a 1 indicates some unusual crisis arises that requires QTG, otherwise Romayne and Travis can handle it.
  3. TOHA Traffic Roll: We take the TOHA unusual roll on 1d10 and multiply by 1d6 to obtain the number of one-way wagon trips in the month. The assumption here is that a crisis is correlated with low traffic.
  4. New Moon: on November 12th.
  5. Experience Points: Award 140k each to QTG for capture of Daylight and their part in the 2nd half of the Endan-Ursian war.

17th November 2484

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan, 28 Ashley Falls Road, Sheffield, MA, 09-MAR-12.
  2. Mass combat, missile and division-to-division is now in the rules.
  3. Summoning Provisions: The ursian army can summon food, fodder, and drink at will on its own soil, through coordination with space bridge suppressors, or through use of the secret spirit-metal summoning enclosures they made themselves, or through the use of the secret molecular tuners they received from the dragons. Endan armies, on the other hand, will be unable to anticipate when the suppressors will be off. Molecular tuning is not possible so long as the summoner is within the radius of a suppressor. Answer: use a 9th level suppressors spell, 30 km radius, roughly 50 of them in action, 1000 hrs, use +4 magical amplifier.
  4. Consider a floating platform with wizards on board, supported by conjured matter, divided into cells to limit damage by annihilation. Can wizards make high-density conjured wood at much higher level? Shall we add a variant "density" to the spells, so that all conjured matter, and spirit matter can be made more dense? Perhaps triple the density adds one to the spell level, so that for one additional level you can decrease the volume conjured wood that lifts 100 kg by a factor of three, or a 30% reduction in diameter of a sphere.
  5. Tornado Spell: Quayam could cast this soon. Work out the level again and go over the math. Wizards could cast it in battle with a magical amplifier.
  6. Dancing Sorcerers: Where elaborate and dramatic movements of the body cause the effect in the mind.
  7. Pay expenses from 1-Jan-2483 to 1-Jan-2485, 6 kgp each.
  8. Agree to up the number of ogres living with orcs in Western Outlands. Now have 40 ogres per 1000 orcs.

27th August 2484

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan, 28 Ashley Falls Road, Sheffield, MA, 02-DEC-11.
  2. This is the day Zak and Thristen's child is born in Gutak City.
  3. Daybreak has proposed Coldiron for ambassador to Ursia. Note that Gashley is already ambassador for Varay in Gutak.
  4. The Ursian-Endan War. Award 7 kxp each to QTG for boat-burning adventure.
  5. Ursian Hedgrows: The country south of Karadan is chalk with forests and fields (63% fields, rest forest). Along the edges of these fields are hedgrows. In these, Ursian wizards found that they could make strong walls of conjured matter, and they foresaw the advantage such walls would give them in defending their nation against invasion. In the desert, a low wall of mud bricks, topped with occasional bricks at right angles, can act as a foundation. A row of fast-growing poplars would serve the same purpose. Likewise, a wall of large stones heaped together, or a fence made of wood posts, will serve to anchor a wall to the ground to make a barrier to the progress of invaders. One man can make ten meters of wall foundation a day, so a 1-km wall is 100 man-days, so to wall one square kilometer requires one man-year at a cost of $20k. The Ursian government wants to provide foundations along its northern and southern borders, fifty kilometers deep, over a total distance of two thousand kilometers. That's one hundred thousand square kilometers, or one hundred thousand man-ears of labor. With one thousand people on the job, at a cost of $20M/yr, Ursia has in the past 150 years completed the job, and are now emplying 500 men at $10M/yr to maintain and expand the system.
  6. Ursian Army Maps: Use the hedgrow grid as their reference, and are detailed.
  7. Structure of Ursian Army. 100 wizards on griffs with conjuring lances, divided into 10 wizard attack groups (WAGs). Lances tipped with conjuring rings that are magical amplifier. These allow wizards flying slowly along the top of hedgrows to make walls of conjured matter. 1000 griff riders divided into 10 cohorts, each cohort divided into 10 squadrons. Their main weapons are thunder eggs and binding eggs (lightening ball and grand surrounding sponge). Each squadron has a cache of 50 thunder eggs and 50 sponge eggs that is replenished from Ursia's main supply by ground and air transport, so that there are a total of 5,000 thunder eggs and 5,000 binding eggs in the field, with a total supply of 20k of each type available at the beginning of the War of 2484. No infantry. 6 divisions of cavalry, 2 horse and 4 camel, each 5,000 riders strong with 1,0000 spare mounts per division. Each division accompanied by 10 division wizards mounted in the same fasion as their division. Each division wizard is attended by two adjutants, a senior and a junior, both mounted, with two pack animals for equipment and luxuries, including a private tent. They are equipped with various magical amplifiers and devices. In battle, their purpose is to break enemy infantry shield walls to allow the cavalry to ride through and attack from the rear and flanks. They do this with a combination of fear and destruction.

27th August 2484

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan, 62 Dalton Rd, 03-JUN-11.
  2. Spent the game talking about how the Ursians would fight: Wizard Attack Groups, and so on, and making up pieces of paper for the battle of Karadan.
  3. To Do: Names of leaders of the Varay government.
  4. Note: Now have dwarf-made altimeters.

19th May 2483

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan, 28 Ashley Falls Road, Sheffield, MA, 25-FEB-11.
  2. Experience Points: Award 13 kxp each for wyvern bandits, Orbelastican's trap, and extortion of $2M from Orbelastican.
  3. Reading: Section on dragons in Psychology of Time Travel, here.
  4. Reading: Section on hippogriffs in Creature Guide, here.
  5. Reading: Section on wyverns in Creature Guide, here.
  6. Reading: Section on sorcery in Rules of Magic, here.
  7. Reading: Section on shabboth in Creature Guide, here.
  8. To Do: Order altimeters in Eisenden. Get copies of keys to the Cliff House.
  9. To Record: Detail of equipment for flying. Done.
  10. Made new character sheets. Done.
  11. New Moon on 7th May and 4th June.
  12. Flying armor is sheepskin with some leather pieces. It is warm and protective. Weight is 3 kg, cost 5 gp, protection 2. +1 Flying Armor is 160 gp, and it will fit better too. Order three suits.
  13. Magical Bows. Order two +5 heavy bows (380 gp each) and one +5 medium bow (250 gp). Also, quivers of +5 arrows for each bow (same price as the bows).
  14. Gristel buys a +7 dagger she likes in Clavicle Weapons (300 gp).
  15. Flying weights. Thristen 100 kg body, 10 kg saddle, 4 kg weapons 2 kg flying armor 14 kg other stuff listed = 130 kg. If he gives 10 kg of his stuff to Q and G, he's down to 120 kg, griff speed 53 kph, ceiling 1700 m. On wyvern 3200 m, 115 kph. Quayam 75 kg body, 10 kg saddle, 20 kg stuff = 105 kg, plus 5 kg from Thristen is 110 kg. Griff ceiling 1900 m, 55 kph. On wyvern 3300 m, 120 kph. Gristel is same weight. Rackhammer 200 kg body, 20 kg saddle, 20 kg stuff is 240 kg. Griff cannot lift him. Wyvern ceiling 1900 m, 95 kph.
  16. Future Adventure: Shabboth that came back to life after hundreds of years in a cataconic state.

3rd May 2483

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan, Lake Buel, 22-OCT-10.
  2. Experience Points: Have yet to award experience for fight with Garandelsmashum's giants, in particular the shield wall. At the moment, QTG have 355 kxp, 355 kxp, and 235 kxp respectively, and adventuring level 27, 27, 23. But QT need only 358 kxp to be 28th, while G needs 256 kxp to be 24th. Propose to award 5 kxp each for that expedition. Done: QTG now have 360 kxp, 360 kxp and 240 kxp.
  3. To Decide: What is the name of the Varayan pantheon? It is Who owns the temple plots? Zak wants to get pregnant, but it turns out that the Varayan pantheon will not reverse the sterilization of an orc at any price. She will have to have her sterilization reversed in Gutak. Rackhammer could arrange for the procedure. Decide: Athena is the goddess and sole owner of the four temple plots of Varay. People of Varay refer to her by name, but do not worship her.
  4. To Decide: When to transport Rackhammer's father to Aries' temple plot in Halili Village. Not Done.
  5. To Decide: Archery arrows weigh only 17 g. Recalculate arrow ranges and masses. Done.
  6. To Record: Detail of equipment for flying. Not Done.
  7. To Resolve: In the QTG diaries, there is a conjunction in the Vale of Wortham that connects to a planet called Rebok. In the HSW diaries, there is a conjunction in the same location, near the Meadow Inn, that connects to Doras. How do we resolve this contradiction? Do we have two names for Doras? Do we have two conjunctions? Decide: add CSRK2 to the Vale of Wortham, to Rebok. Perhaps there is a third one also, nearby, making the Meadow Inn a choice spot.
  8. To Check: The implementation of the shield wall that resulted from the battle with Garandelsmashum's infantry. Correct.
  9. To Do: Write up the new Sorcery in the rules. Done here.
  10. Decide: Adventurers will join UAF if it comees to war, bringing their own griffs and wyeverns. Meanwhile, UAF insists upon rider level 5 minimum for its riders, to make sure that griffs don't get killed by uncontrolled spins in combat.
  11. Note: First time QTG rode griffs was on their trip to Flower Island for Graft, another dragon.
  12. Rogue Dragon: One with no time-shifted bridges. Awfulthing was one such.
  13. Decide: Orbelastican has the molecular bridge. He keeps it secret except to his wife and son. His daughter does not know, but she suspects. He is working on its size and longevity. It will be ready for war in two years, May 2485.
  14. Future Adventure: Luxoden, Citiy of Iron will be sacked, bringing 10M kg = $1B worth of iron into the outside world. There are 10k citizens of Luxoden, $100k of iron each, if it were distributed evenly, which it is in a way, because the citiy streets and houses are framed with iron. This city is lit by town gas: the product of partial combustion of coal. Luxoden sits upon a rich vein or iron ore, and nearby are rich deposits of coal.
  15. Decide: To re-name the High Valley, also known as the Valley of Death, to be the Toha Pass (trans-outland highway authority pass).
  16. Decide: Eighteen months until invasion of Ursia by Endor.
  17. New Spell: Extinguish Fire, using some kind of conjured matter or maybe spirit foam.

28th April 2483

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan at 62 Dalton, 13-AUG-10.
  2. Discussed Domus: Domus residents go to other planets for health care. Domus is run by sapiens. It is a haven for daemons. The only conjunction connecting Domus to the rest of the sector disappeared in 1500 AE. After that, standard time on Domus starts to become ill-defined and time travel develops naturally. Domus declares independence from Olyumpia in 1900 AE. In 2100 AE the Domans come to realize that Olympians will invade in the future. In 2900 AE a new conjunction to Domus will be discovered. In 2920, Olympia will invade. But by that time, all the Domans are gone, and all the gates. The gating agencies have moved to sanctuaries on other planets prepared centuries before. It is the Domans from 2900 that arrive, several each year, and tell the Domans of the past what is to come.
  3. Discussed Darkeye and Grandad: Grandad is Travis's twin brother. Resolve that both are still alive. They disappeared at one point when Travis was young. Darkeye took Grandad to Domus, thinking Travis was dead after a particularly disastrous battle. Travis grew up and became one of the soldiers of the Dark Side, then escaped to Domus. Grandad is going to show up one day, and Darkeye too, looking for Thristen in his own time. Need to figure out details, but the idea is to bring both characters back into the game in such a way as to create tension over time travel and destiny, and to bring Thristen's affair with Zak to a crisis of sorts.
  4. Some daemons can make demons, but not particularly well. The result is shabboth in large numbers. These tend to have skulls made of 1-mm steel, and have command words in rattikit that are not recorded anywhere. They have no fear, don't last more than a few years of use, and are disposable searvants for the nightmare daemons. We should introduce these into the game as the new "kill them and don't feel guilty" creature. They are machines with only primitive feelings.
  5. Discussed summoning food for traders on the road, and decide that can't afford to summon. Need some other source of food. A small farm near each hostel would work. The Cliff House Hotel, however, will summon food, and that's what our heroes are doing now, while they are there.

19th April 2483

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan at Goodnow cottage in Plymouth, 04-JUN-10.
  2. To Consider: New historical details of Ursia-Endromis conflict here
  3. Discussed: The Knonn of the desert. These are demons 2000 kg, 2000 hp, 20 dp, sa=10, sp=50 will serve Ursia in a war. How many are there? Will serve because Ursian wizards have figured out their command words, and are their masters. There are ten. They patrol the desert and approach tribes and travelers. By pouring a pint of water at the feet of the knonn, people accept the authority of the knonn to summon them with written messages and to instruct them in their movements. By failing to pour, they become enemies. By pouring and then refusing to comly, they become criminals. Each knonn has a hoard of 1000 kg of molten gold in an iron reservoir beneath a granite slab in a remote part of the desert. Furthermore, the hoard is protected by spells that recognise only rattikit passwords. And other things too. The knonn's prescience comes from a one-second time-shifted eye bridge in their forehead. Ursia obtained these bridges through intermediaries from daemons.
  4. To Consider: Other Ursian allies. Storm, the dragon of the mountains near Karadan. The many adventurers. The formidable personages who live in the Fen Swamp. Some will come to Ursia's aid. Kapul Steelscale who lives in the Zaragoss Mountains. Dragons enjoy the benefit of homunculi made by wizards, who remain and guard their hoards, and also password traps. A child-like homunculi might go into town and buy something. Adventurers might form their own regiment.
  5. To Do: Photograph latest character sheets.
  6. Expenses: Were paid on 1st January 2483. From now on, 3 kgp per year (based on 10 gp per level per month) will include summoning of mounts and food. Big purchases like armor, weapons, and griffs are extra. Zak and Gashley's griffs were paid for in 2482.
  7. Spirit wood walls to protect Pakesh. 5 m high, 0.5 m wide is 10 cubic meters every 4 m of wall. Reference spell is 1 liter in 1000 s lasting 100 hr, difficulty −3. For 1000 hr longevity and 1000 s to make it, we have a 6th level spell. Or 40 m of wall in same time is 8th level (×10 quantity and ×10 rate of production).
  8. Invented elfroids, which give elves 75% of the total attribute addition per level as sapiens, which brings Quayam's attribute total to 32, just like Thristen's. Side effects are anger, decreased immunity to disease, and facial hair.
  9. Figure Out: shield walls.

8th April 2483

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan at 62 Dalton, 24-APR-10.
  2. Experience Points: For free-climbing down the cliff, defeating the sorcerer Laruna (7th April) and the village of giants (8th April). To take out Laruna, estimate he'd kill 100 men, so need 1000 men at $10k each = $10M. QTG or equivalent would do it for $4M. This calculation permits estimates of job value. Thus award 40 kxp total for Laruna plus Giant village, on the assumption that the same 1000 men could handle the giants afterwards, there being 900 of them left and only 60 giant warriors. Of the 40 kxp we award 15 kxp to Quayam and Thristen, and 10 kxp to Gristel, bringing their totals to 355 kxp, 355 kxp, and 235 kxp respectively. Gristel ascends to 23rd level. Quayam and Thristen remain 27th, but need only 3 kxp each to ascend to 28th.

7th April 2483

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan at 62 Dalton, 12-MAR-10.
  2. Moon: will be new on 9th April.
  3. During climb down cliff, rolled 2D20 for the length of the climb in meters and 2D20 for the difficulty also. The difficulty included a +5 increase for climbing down rather than up. The entire climb takes two hours and twenty minutes. Gristel loses 1 dp dodging a fall, Quayam loses 3 dp, and thristen loses 2 dp. Gristel is the best climber, by a small margin.
  4. Quayam's spirit rope, level 5, 0.5 m/s, 50 m total, 7 sq. cm cross-section, 100-hr longevity, 2 x 20 m sections plus mitts of rope material to grip the rope with. Spirit rope is otherwise slippery. Takes two minutes.

16th March 2483

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan at 62 Dalton, 20-NOV-09.
  2. Experience Points: Award one level of experience points for crevasse adventure, bringing Quayam and Thristen to 27th level with 345 kxp (27th begins at 331 kxp) and Gristel to 22nd with 225 kxp (22nd begins at 211 kxp).
  3. New moon on 12 March 2483.
  4. Go to dwarf city and extract copper insert in Jacob's coin. Hire a cryptogropher. There was only a one in six chance of there being such an expert in the city, and we rolled it. Set off looking for orc platoon on Route B. Stop game when on verge of storming the giants' village.

28 January 2483

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan at Goodnow cottage in Plymouth, 25-SEP-09.
  2. Diary: Include entry about Quayam's excitement at learning to do targeting solenoids.
  3. Applied the new rules for Quayam's sorcerey, and by the end of the crevass adventure, he was down to 4th level sorcerer.

15 January 2483

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan at Goodnow cottage in Plymouth, 5-JUN-09.
  2. Experience Points: Award half a level's worth of experience points for troll adventure.
  3. Variant: add tracer light to targeting solenoid remote cluster to aid timing, +1 difficulty.
  4. Quayam Sorcery: Update Quayam's sorcery level, allowed Kirk to go through and arrange his disciplines again. He is now tenth level sorcerer. Sorcery works as follows. Quayam can cast any conjured or spirit matter wizard-like spell, one spell at a time, no preparation, casting time as wizard spell, singing and movement required to act at full potential, difficulty as if his sorcery level were his wizard level. No clearing time, with each spell he casts, his effective sorcerer level drops by one. An hour's rest restores it by one. Just recently, Quayam has learned how to make a targeting solenoid. Cannot cast spells like Annihilation or Flash. But he can do Choke. Fighting while casting adjusts his effective sorcerer level by &minu;5 so long as he continues to fight, runing is a penalty of −3, riding −2, walking −1. Thus he can cast consecutively, with no rest between, 2 fifth-level spell, 2 fourth-level, 2 third-level, 2 second-level, 2 first-level spells. After that he needs nine hours rest.
  5. What about spirit matter for plumbing?

13 January 2483

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan at 62 Dalton Rd, 14-FEB-09
  2. Quayam is wanted on charge of first-degree murder in Endromis, for the slaying of a wounded soldier. The Endan government has a bounty out on his head of $100k.
  3. A Grand Surrounding Sponge egg, with 50 m radius and 1-hr duration, would cost 800 gp. It has ×1000 volume, ×1000 rate, and ×10 longevity, so it's difficulty is 2 for Surrounding Sponge plus 7, making 9. Such eggs are able to bind the sails of a ship for an hour, and the Ursian Air Force uses them to break the blockade of Karadan.
  4. Standard thunder-egg: 5% chance per year old that it will fail, cost $15k new. They are guaranteed to 5 years. A long-life version has 1% per year, cost $25k. Ursia has the 1% per year variety. They buy 1k long-life thunder-eggs and 1k long-life grand sponge eggs per year, costing them $50M. The Ursian Government sells eggs that are 20 years old to the public for $10k, thus making $20M per year. The government has 20k Thunder Eggs and 20k Grand Sponge Eggs. Meanwhile, standing army is 10k, constripted 30k, UAF has 1000 griffs with riders, and 100 wyverns with riders.
  5. QTG buy two new bridges for Z and Gashley to join their local network, and to connect to the global network.
  6. Should standard spells carry with them a 1% chance of slot scrambling?
  7. Need a scan of Thristen's character sheet.
  8. Did not award xp, but rescue of Arg was concluded against adversity.

1 January 2483

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan at 62 Dalton Rd, 19 December 20-DEC-08
  2. When a medical patient passes through a summoning bridge to Olympia for surgery, they enter neutral space. This space is on Olympia, but it is considered to be both in Olympia and in Clarus. The patient moves into this space and out of it again without ever leaving Clarus, and is therefore not subject to the one percent rule. The same is true for the surgeons who enter the space from Olympia: they are considered to have never left Olympia. Anything that enters the neutral space from Olympia and leaves with the patient must obey the one-percent rule.
  3. Aries's main income now comes from his Ursian temple plots, where he provides health care. His gating is synchronized with whatever bridge suppressors Pakesh and other cities use.
  4. Can Ursia gate its soldiers between points on Clarus? They would need a daemon part. No: the dragons gave them a couple of molecular tuners in exchange for artifacts made by the wizards, including quantities of spirit metal.
  5. What do the dragons trade with the Illuminati? One thing is magical items and fine pieces of machinery that have value as art and interest to the Illuminati.
  6. Endromis wants to build an empire. Ursian mithril contracts and the fact that they are wizards give them a bad reputation. Endans believe that they must do something about the threat presented by the orcs. If Richard Crockford knew about the Iron Road plans this would give the Endans all the more reason to classify Ursia as an enemy: the friend of my enemy is my enemy. Endromis claimed the City States on the west Ursian coast as theirs after the Reconcilliation. They built roads and established the states for freed slaves and sailors. In 2100 the populations want independence and Endromis grants in exchange for tribute. In 2300 Ursians start making deals with the city states to protect them from Endan ships with thunder-eggs so tribute will no longer be extracted. Endromis declares war at some date (must look up). Ursia defends itself. Endans are still sore about it.
  7. Endans now trying to take control of the seas again with ships equipped with spirit cloth sails and ropes.
  8. Aries says he can provide healing serums, surgery and longevity drugs to black orcs in Ursia. Rackhammer is short of money because he has to support his parents in exile. He would be hard-pressed to come up with the $100k necessary to fix up his dad.
  9. Proposal from Kevan: every month that goes by in game time, we can roll to see if Gristel is pregnant from Quayam. Her longevity drugs keep her fertile. The chance of her coneiving is 1% per month.
  10. Expenses paid. Charge each of QTG $1M each to cover past year of traveling around. Cash on hand: Gristel $5M, Quayam, $6M, Thristen $3M. Houses and businesses also have value: roughly $3M for QG's house, $2M for Thristen's house.

19 December 2482

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan at 62 Dalton Rd, 08-NOV-2008.
  2. Mithril costs $1000/g. Ursian government has long-term contracts with many mines about the continent. Having invested money in the beginning to open the mines, they make sure that local governments respect these contracts by intimidation if necessary, and often use same means to renew those contracts.

19 December 2482

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan at Goodnow cottage in Plymouth, 15-AUG-2008.
  2. Chris plays Gowachin in his duel.
  3. Is Gristel pregnant? We thought that would be cool, but the die roll said no.
  4. Torch Spell: heat from annihilation of conjured matter generates short, narrow flame of 3000 °C. A mithril-coated iron tip produces conjured foam that rushes along a ceramic nozzel. The annihilation proceeds back wards towards the tip at 100 m/s, and so reaches the position in the nozzel where the foam is moving at 100 m/s.
  5. Consider a class of magical items that amplify the effect of a spell. We call them amplifiers. Suppose the item generates an effect equivalent to an M'th level spell when we cast a spell that is only N'th level, where N<M. We set the cost of such an item at 10 × (M − N) × PM, where PM is the cost of an M'th level spell cast by a wizard. (01-OCT-15 this is now 10 × (M − N)2 × PM, where PM
  6. A 1-5 Space Bridge Thruster Amplifier accepts a first-level spell and creates the fifth-level effect. It costs $240k. (01-OCT-15 this is now $1M)
  7. The road-building machine is a Thruster 1-5 plus Annihilator 1-4 plus Maker 1-9 and costs $10M, or $1M a year to lease. It makes 10 km/day of road and costs $10k/day to run.
  8. Price of iron is $160 in Pakesh and over $150 in Varay, the cost of transportation by bridge.

18 December 2482

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan at 62 Dalton Rd, 18-JUL-2008
  2. Do Black Orcs keep destriers to ride around on? No. Wyverns are far superior.

6 December 2482

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan at Goodnow cottage in Plymouth 04-JUN-08.
  2. New Moon on the 18th December.
  3. Change "ibuprofin" to "pain-relief" or just "pills"
  4. Question for the rules: does Thief include Jeweler?
  5. Decide to ask Urisian government for $130/kg put contracts on 1 million kilograms of iron.
  6. What is the name of the town near the Virage house? It has a griff landing field. Do we need a map? What is the name of the bank Thristen used to get gold for Zak?
  7. Award xp. at beginning of weekend, before the fight with the Brotherhood of Light. Now have 300 kxp each, making them 25th level.
  8. Go over attributes and disciplines in detail.
  9. In fight with BofL, QTG offer their opponents falling backwards as an alternative to being hit or losing dp's. That's why the knights were falling over without suffering any casualtiees until they were all reduced to 0 dp. We represented each combatant with a little piece of card. For a photograph of the little pieces at the end of the fight, see here.

20 November 2482

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan at Goodnow cottage in Plymouth 26-OCT-07.
  2. Sid has been staying at the Virage house. They left him there when they flew to the Loud Lady Lodge. He was there when they returned on summoned hippogriffs to protect Coldiron. We did not mention Sid in the diary entries for that period. Gashley and Dominican think of him as a pet. They like him and spoil him. But he stays hidden. For the latest word on demons, see here.

18 November 2482

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan at Goodnow cottage in Plymouth 03-AUG-07.
  2. Left behind Thristen and Gristel's character sheets. Have not record here of financial assets.
  3. 1 cleric bridge per 1000 people, which is 1 per population block, 50 million people on Clarus, so 50,000 bridges to Olympia on Clarus, a total of 200,000 bridges to Olympia for the entire sector, maybe more. One bridge attendant on Olympia can watch 100 bridges, so that's 2,000 bridge attendants. Each tuning lasts one year, so need one tuning a minute on Olympia, use daemons or daemon parts. AAA guarantees a response to voice or light in 20 seconds.
  4. Olympia forbids hellspawn breeding on Olympia. Abandon old notion that only male sapiens are allowed on Olympia.
  5. Languages on Clarus are borrowed from our languages as follows. Latin is Latin, a long-standing language that evolves somewhat in the many countries where it is spoken, but many Gods try and succeed in keeping it close enough to the original to be understood. Greek is ancient Greek, and goes the same way as Latin. Endan is Italian, which is Latin after two thousand years of natural evolution. The Endan Pantheon could not stop the evolution of Endan. Weilandic is English. Varayan is Old English, left over from Weiland's invasion. Ursian is Farsi.

15 November 2482

  1. Attendance: Chris, Kirk, and Kevan at Kirk's apartment in NYC, 09-JUN-2007. First QTG game for three years. Stayed up until 4:15 am on Sunday night playing out the fight with the Paladins of the Brotherhood of Light.
  2. Chris, Kirk, and Kevan agree to play the QTG game according to the recent SAGA constitution, whereby the Dramaturgist does not have control over the game.
  3. Chris, Kirk, and Kevan agree that the politics, economy, and history of the Galactic Ecumen, Celesti Sector Ecumen, and the Claran Ecumen will no longer be secret from the contenders. All three will debate the present, the future, and the past, and so arrive at the truth together. QTG will not have the truth as outlined in these debates, but all three of us are permitted to give our characters beliefs that happen, by chance, to be true. But the the characters will find that they cannot convince other people in SAGA's world of their opinions, because they do not have evidence to back up their true beliefs.
  4. Long discussions about the Illuminati, the Dragons, the Distantae, the Gods, and Ursia. Several lengthy readings from old notebooks of Kevan's. Believe we all have a picture of what is going on.
  5. Oblasticon has 10 bridges with 10 spies, of whom Zak is one. Zak reported to Garaz all she learned about the Iron Road on 23rd October through her bridge to Garaz.
  6. 3 October was half-moon, so moon rises at 3 am on 19th November.

13 October 2482

  1. Award 11 kxp for battle with Orcs.
  2. Dramaturgist should re-scan the Mokul Castle image.

22 September 2482

  1. It was a one-in-sixteen chance that the Herringbones would be there, we rolled it, and they were.

20 September 2482

  1. Award 20 kxp for griff fight over the Old Hills.

18 September 2482

  1. Contenders can back-date obvious questions to this conversation, which we cut short in game-time to keep things moving along.
  2. Contenders have two outstanding communications. One is the class three information offered on the Veritas exchange. The second is QuayamÕs effort to talk to his father.

20 August 2482

  1. When Gag fires a bolt at Thristen's griff, and Thristen knocks it aside, it costs him ten dodging points to do so.

21 August 2482

  1. Award 50 kxp for saving the Satian Road.

4 July 2482

  1. Award 10 kxp for looking after Green Horn Tavern.

24 July 2482

  1. What's the name of the king of the Giants in the Long Hills?

23 January 2482

  1. Award 30 kxp for various encounters, including the Gnolls.

3 January 2482

  1. Award 10 kxp for flights over the outlands.

3 December 2481

  1. Award experience points for individual services to Ursian government.