© 2002, Kevan Hashemi

Alice and the Centipede

One day, Alice was in the garden looking for centipedes. She saw a really big centipede, and chased after it. But it went under a rock. She turned over the rock, and there was a little hole. The centipede has crawling down the hole. Alice picked up her blue shovel and started digging where the hole was.

Haley came and stood beside her. "Alice, what are you doing?"

Alice did not look up. "I find centipede."

Haley fetched another shovel and started digging with Alice. Their hole grew bigger and bigger. When it was big enough for them to step into, the bottom of the hole began to fall down into a cave below. The dirt fell faster and faster, and Alice and Haley fell down with it. They fell into the cave and landed on a pile of dirt. Light came from above them. They could see the walls of the cave.

There was a tunnel in one of the walls.

"Where my centipede?" Alice said. She looked around on the dirt for the centipede.

"Alice, you're crazy," Haley said, "We are in a cave underground, and there is a tunnel. We should be careful. We should get out of here."

Haley tried to climb out of the cave, but the walls were made of loose dirt, and she could not do it. Alice watched Haley, and then started walking down the tunnel.

"I find my centipede," she said.

"Alice, come back!"

But Alice kept walking. Haley followed her into the dark tunnel.

They walked along the tunnel for a long time, and it was so dark in there that they could not see anything at all.

"Alice, wait for me," Haley said.

"I find my centipede."

After a long time, there was a light ahead of them, and they saw that they were coming to another cave, and in this cave were three candles. Haley stopped Alice by putting her hand on Alice's shoulder.

"Be quiet, Alice, let's go slowly."

Slowly, they walked to the end of the tunnel and looked into the cave. There was an orc sleeping in a chair. Orcs, for those of you who don't know, are creatures the same shape as a man, and almost as tall, but with big tusks like a wild boar sticking up from their mouths. Their mouths stick out too, but other than that, they are not so bad to look at. They are mean and tough, however, and that is what really makes them scary.

Meanwhile, on the floor, tied up with ropes, was Alice and Haley's friend Legolas the elf. Legolas opened his eyes and looked them.

"I have to pee," he said, very quietly so that the orc would not wake up. Very slowly and quietly, Haley and Alice went over to Legolas and tried to untie him. But the knots in the ropes were too tight.

Alice started walking towards the orc.

"Alice, stop," Haley said, but Alice went right up to the Orc and took his knife out of his pocket, and came back and gave the knife to Haley.

Haley cut the ropes with the knife.

Just then the orc woke up. "AAARGH," he said.

But Alice, Haley, and Legolas were so quick that they ran out of the cave and into the tunnel before the orc could get up out of his seat. They ran as fast as they could, all the way back to the first cave, with the orc running behind them, shouting and roaring. The orc could not run as fast as them because he was a bit too big for the tunnel, and had to bend over.

When Alice, Haley, and Legolas reached the cave, they were breathing hard, because they had just run such a long way.

Haley said, "There's no way out!"

But Legolas picked up Haley and threw her all the way up and out of the cave into the garden, and then he picked up Alice. Alice kissed him on the cheek. Legolas threw Alice up as well, into the garden. The orc was almost to the cave.

"Legolas!" Alice said.

Just then, Haley came back to the edge of the big hole with the garden hose-pipe, and dropped it down into the cave. "Climb up, Legolas."

Legolas climbed up the hose, and Haley pulled the hose up after him, just as the orc came into the cave below.

"AAARGH!" he said.

He jumped up and down, but he could not get out of the cave.

"You can't get us," Haley said.

"Where's my centipede?" Alice said.

"Alice, you're crazy," Legolas said.

The End